Eos With Attitude!

Some girls just have that effortless attitude. The kind of aura that makes it seems as though their cool is just natural. This girl walks without the need for approval from others. She always looks stylized, without even trying. Even if she’s in overalls and a tank top, with sneakers on, she still looks as though she stepped out of an add for an uber cool campaign like American Apparel or Alexander Wang. Her hair is always undone, but in away that most women would spend hours trying to replicate. Even down to her accessories, she exudes the cool factor. This girl would never be  ordinary. Even though she seems like she isn’t trying, every piece of her is strategically selected; from her attitude to her clothes down to her Eos lip balm. Being cool doesn’t take a lot for her, it just takes a lot of the right things.

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Photography By: Hannah Faust

Disclothed It: Ksubi Overalls, Alexander Wang Tank, Converse High Tops, EOS Lip Balm

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July 13, 2015