Are You “Nailing” This Season’s Looks?

Are your nails on point for the spring season? Carrying your new “it” bag with perfectly preened hands starts now, as we bring you the latest shades to make sure you are hitting the high notes in fashion.

Feeling blue is very much on trend for the spring season. The catwalk was awash with denim inspired make up and nail colour is following suit. Deborah Lippmann and Jin Soon have picked up on the new trend with releases of pastel hues and darker shades of navy. However, Topshop has beat the competition hands down with multiple shades of blue, all designed to perfectly complement your high waisted skinnies. Polishes start at a very affordable $8 and are in store now.

Of course there is no blue without yellow and orange (Van Gogh), and both shades should have a place on your dressing table this season. The fruity shades complement a summer tan perfectly and with the catwalk models taking us back to the bronze age, shades of sherbet orange and toasted terracotta are set to sizzle.

If you have been embracing normcore nails, nail polish is probably not on the top of your shopping list. Sporting graphic nail designs can look a little contrived and playing it cooler comes with a lot more sophistication. That said, barely there milky pink polishes are a good trade off, they add a little extra sparkle without too much maintenance. And for added normcore, clash the toe nails in a bright and bold polish.

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June 1, 2016