Runaway To The Spa!

Spa breaks are more than just a girlish hideout in the countryside wrapped up in warm fluffy gowns whilst sipping on virgin cocktails. They are a sanctuary! Welcomed by soft voices, we step into a cocoon of botanical scents, ready to realign and reassess our lives. The world has stopped and we have disembarked, maybe for one, two three or even seven days of holistic treatment. For that is the beauty of the spa break, the flexible nature means we can check in for a 24 hour pick me up or bask in an entire week of pure indulgent “me” time.

The ethos of the spa is to give the body a reboot. Try hiking, yoga and pilates in the morning followed by well deserved treatments in the afternoon. Pair exercise to get those endorphins going and treat your muscles to a full body massage. It’s a getaway that’s more than just a body cleanse, which it gives you a chance to cleanse your mind as well. Depart with a new life plan.

Reconnect with nature at a rustic and rural spa. Look for a spa which allows guests to engage with nature. Somewhere where the interiors are consciously lacking in shimmer and shine. Unwind and unplug to take advantage of mother nature for a few days. Soak in the surroundings, bathe in the moonlight!

Experience treatments with fresh and natural elements. Try a spa where the ingredients are freshly plucked from the orchard and honey is harvested from the resident bees. Holistic treatments can be an additional boost during your spa treatments, delivering you into a tranquil state.

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September 27, 2016
October 3, 2016