These Boots Were Made For Walking!


Boot season is among us and I, for one, could not be more thrilled! Boots are the perfect foot fashion statement for the next few months! It take an outfit to the next level. Whether you dress it up or down, casual or fancy, or make it sexy- you can’t go wrong! Take a look at my latest boot look!


On a casual afternoon out, I took my favorite Cole Haan black suede boots out on the town. With the weather in the high 60s I stayed towards Fall, but kept it California cool.


These boots hit below the knee and stay casual with a minimal heel.


Elongating the leg and adding height is a good boots best asset.


The brown detail give the boot an effortlessly chic two tone color scheme that compliment an array of wardrobe choices. It also commands a casual and laid back feel.

DISCLOTHED it to me!


I paired my boots with some short shorts to really add height to my small frame and compliment the leg. Shorts too long would not accentuate the leg and make it look as lean.


Adding an oversized sweater in a neutral color gives the look a sensibility that stays away from overly exposing the body and not looking inappropriate. The ribbed sweater adds depth to the look as well.


Keeping everything covered, except the legs makes the look classy and comfy, while still being feminine and sexy.


I added this FAUX fur white vest to give the look a fun retro 70s feel, which also keeps it fashionable and not trashy. This Bardot vest is an absolute must have addition to your closet. A piece like this immediately adds a fashion flare to any plain out fit!

DISCLOTHED it to me!


I kept my accessories minimal with some gold bangles and aviator glasses to stay in the warm tonality that compliments the feel of the look.


Closing of the look a simple black and gold classic Chanel purse. It’s not overpowering, but makes a statement!

What do you think of my boots and outfit?

November 17, 2013


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    November 27, 2013

    Hey Cara I absolutely love your style! It’s sexy, sheek and classy.. I admire how you pair basics with dressy items to make a look but it’s still simple.. I think it would be amazing if you added tutorials to your blog where you could explain your thought process when purchasing key items and putting them together into outfits. I, like so many other woman are Pinterest fashion addicts but then have a hard time when it comes to piecing together my own wardrobe.. Also tutorials on your simple makeup looks, hair & eyelash extensions would be fab & much appreciated! Love ya’ Xo-Bri