A Little Bit Vintage And Alot Of Fringe!

Soda pop. Oversized sunnies. High waisted jeans and white tees. I love the feel of an era past. Vintage fashion and style is as inspiring to me, as that of the contemporary influence. I paid homage to a simpler time, while modernizing its design. A fringe boot and current leather keep the look hip, while the jean and simple Hane t-shirt bring it back to the olden days. The effortless ease of this look makes it a great go-to. In the sun, at Will Rogers Park in Beverly Hills with a food truck and pop, I felt like the perfect modern vintage baby!

truck1 truck2  truck4truck3  truck7 truck8truck5

Photography By: Sam Marquart

Disclothed It: 3X1 Jeans, Hanes T Shirts, Asos Leather Jacket, ShoeDazzle Heels, Dita Glasses

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February 25, 2015
March 2, 2015