All White!

The little white dress is a key runway player for summer. Inspired by dainty lingerie and manufactured in delicate snowy lace, the white dress does raise the pretty versus practical eyebrow! But even if you normally lead a wildly colorful life, embracing these stunning LWDs will allow you to shine, long after the sun has set.

The white dress fashion myth, suggests the attire should be reserved for sizzling summers spent under swaying shady palms in hedonistic Ibiza, but old style rules are being unashamedly rewritten, taking the LWD to the city, the office and beyond.

The dress of summer shape shifts between Victorian high necked fuss complete with billowing sleeves, off the shoulder subtle sexiness and wedding night innocence with a sheer slip for modesty. Finding your white dress style starts from within. Question what makes you feel fabulous and make that your starting point. Hip hugging, leg strutting, shimmering with fringed benefits, try it on, take it off and try on once again! Feel great, look great, be great.

A solid white dress opens up endless opportunity to style and restyle. Add some versatility and layer up sleeveless dresses with turtle neck basics during colder weather. White dresses lend themselves to carefree days with sunny skies, but they also polish up nicely with s smart white blazer or overcoat. If you shy away from overly pretty dresses find your edge, white dresses teemed with a pop of color ensure a more playful approach or totally switch gears with a pair of military boots.

It is increasingly clear that white is transcending across all social occasions. We can wear it in the sun, in the rain, pair it with black, pair it with tall shoes or small shoes! We are even invited to wear it well past Labor Day! After all, fashion royalty Coco Chanel wore white all year round. Rules were made to create a fashion elite, but they were also made to be broken….so go ahead, smash them up!

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June 13, 2016
June 20, 2016