bebe Babe!

Style is simply self expression manifested through fashion. How you dress is an extension of how you feel. The trick to trends, is not following anyone’s rules, but your own. The way you dress is unique to you. A piece of clothing on one person can be virtually transformed based on the aesthetic and styling on another.

On a recent trip with bebe, I traveled back to where the brand was originally conceived – San Francisco. With the inspiration of this creatively charged and romantic city, I found nuisance and sophistication with my wardrobe inspiration. From walking a long the Painted Ladies in romantic boho themes, to exploring Saulsilito with a sporty flare and finding my inner glam hipster in the cities more rugged charm, my style and looks blended well into the scenery.

In exploring my looks, I found a fresh approach for a brand that had originally been lamented in my mind as the sexy go-to body con dress staple brand. Mixing and matching my bebe looks opened me up to a very versatile and relatable brand that shows sophistication, celebrates sexuality and commands strength, while being fun and surprisingly high fashion. For me, I was reinvigorated both by the city by the bay and going back to bebe.

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IMG_0734-minIMG_0762-min  IMG_0751-min

IMG_1990-min IMG_1999-min IMG_1986-3-min

Photography By: Derren Vervoza

Disclothed It: bebe Chambray Off The Shoulder Dress, bebe Patchwork Denim Jeans, Frontcross Strap Body Suit, Sweetheart Strapless Romper

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June 24, 2016