Culturally Aligned!

There seems to be an underlying trend as of late that embodies urban sensibilities in the high end world of fashion. It is this sentiment of street chic meets affluence. Perhaps it is a cultural shift in the acceptance of diversity and societal sectors that once didn’t cross paths. Maybe it is that fashion found that the majority of consumers relate more to that of a socioeconomic status that falls into the urban culture. Could it be the combination of the two? I am not sure, but from runways to the front rows, to the ad campaigns and endorsement we see a trend of what was once geared to the waspy white girl and boy to a much more colorful, diverse and truthful make up of a world so multi dimensional.

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Photography By: Samantha Marquart

Disclothed It: Reiss Skirt, Beckley Blouse*, Top Shop ChokerTop Shop Socks, Urban Outfitters BackPack*, Marskin Ryyppy Heels

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March 14, 2016