Day Time Dress Up


Sometimes a girl just wants to dress up in the day time! Striking a balance between being dolled up and not over done during the day is the fine line you have to walk. I put it to the test on a recent dressed up day!


First things first, when taking out a dress during the day: picking the perfect one of course! You want to make sure your dress isn’t too sexy and is fitting for sunlight. I opted for this Finder’s Keeper dress.


Shying a way from black is safe and nothing too tight or revealing. This “Evil Friends Dress” by one of my favorite designers, Aussie label Finder’s Keepers is the perfect pick! The sleeveless navy dress with light print detail is a great length and chic enough to dress up, but perfectly playful for the day. Fresh off the presses, it’s not even out in the States, but you can find it here!

DISCLOTHED it to me!


When pairing your shoe, I think it’s great to take a risk and have some fun! Doing a boring black or nude, makes this dress more night worthy, but a playful coral pump keeps it young and fresh!


Finish it off with a cool cross body bag, like this one from JustFab and you are dressed up for daytime. The cool faux snakeskin bag is youthful, but glamorous. Keep your look relaxed and you’ll be fine!

DISCLOTHED it to me!


Voila! Daytime dress up!

Below I added some more of my favorite Finder’s Keeper dresses! See one you like? Just click it and put together your own “Daytime Dress Up”!

April 17, 2014
April 24, 2014