Faux Fur Fun!


It’s the most elegant item you can add to your ensemble to take your look from fine to fabulous! It’s FUR!!! I however, don’t suggest buying real fur, in fact I detest the idea! There’s a million reasons why not to and I’ll give you one more: faux is just as fierce! Take a look at my faux fur frock!


Strap on the fur vest and elevate your ensemble. Pairing a piece such as this FAUX brown vest immediately gives a richness and refinement to whatever you may be wearing!


I chose this look for a Saturday night out for dinner with friends. I wanted to dress up, but keep it casual enough for a low key evening.


I decided to pair my brown fur with this H&M above the knee black leather skirt. The richness of the two fabrics play well together and compliment the feel of the look. They both illicit sophistication.


I love a black and brown combo. I find it a stabilizing and nondistracting palette. It’s complimentary not competitive. The warmness feels “Earthy” and mailable, which is important, especially when mixing fabrics like these!


I stayed thematic, in my decision to add another basic fabric and color with a denim shirt underneath. It felt classic and keeps the look casual for a friendly supper.


The layering adds depth and dimension to the outfit, but the textures and fabric keep it from overwhelming the body.


I cinched the waist with a small black belt. This made sure to emphasize the smallest part of my frame and allows me to still have shape. Furs can be bulky, which is fine, but with the layering, I wanted to make sure I didn’t lose my figure. I wanted to wear the vest; not have the vest wear me!


Keeping it warm in tone and rich in fabric I opted for a pop of color with these knee high Gianvitto Rossi red suede boots!

DISCLOTHED it to me!


Covering the leg adds an air of maturity and also touch of glamour. Oh, not to mention : warmth! There’s a class to the look that is sexy, but sophisticated.


Fall 2012 Gianvitto Rossi.


I kept my hair long and down to keep it casual. With all the elements to this outfit, pulling the hair up would have taken it to a fancier feel.


My finishing touches were a black funky patterned Marc Jacobs clutch to add a surprise element of quirkiness; you can never take yourself too seriously and some dangling earrings for drama!

All in all, I tried to balance luxury, glamour and ease and I loved the combination. Did you?

November 17, 2013
November 19, 2013