Marciano Maven!

The older, sexier, mischievous sister to the California staple, Guess, is none other then, the line after the founder’s name sake, Marciano. What Guess may lack in cosmopolitan sophistication, Marciano makes up for in spades. I love them both, (it must be said), each at their respective and appropriate times. I spent an evening relishing in their new spring collection full of vibrant colors, sexy silhouettes and fun designs. The woman who wears Marciano is bold and full of self confidence. She has a full life; works hard and loves to play. I loved the freshness of the collection that easily transitions from day to night. The palette is soft and feminine, but the shapes are strong and sexy. This spring, its all about being a Marciano maven.

RONY2722 RONY2749RONY2730  RONY2753 RONY2755

Photography By: Rony Alwin

Disclothed It: Marciano Jumper, Marciano Shoes

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March 30, 2015
April 3, 2015