A Modern Throw Back!

Taking something that has been done and revitalizing it to feel modern is half the fashion battle. The recreation and reinvention of iconic styles that influence our taste is what designers strive to create. I personally draw so much inspiration from the past and love to put a contemporary twist on trends of the last few decades. A faux fur coat, leather pants, over sized sunglasses; these are all touches of a time before now. Each piece giving character and charm to a modern fashion culture. Experimenting with styles is part of the fun of fashion. Don’t miss out on a modern throwback!

Cara_FW15_StreetStyle-127  Cara_FW15_StreetStyle-139 Cara_FW15_StreetStyle-148 Cara_FW15_StreetStyle-152  \   Cara_FW15_StreetStyle-181 Cara_FW15_StreetStyle-188Cara_FW15_StreetStyle-168

Photos By: Alyssa Greenberg

Disclothed It: Asos Jacket, J Brand Leather Pants, Kate Spade Clutch, Staurt Weitzman Boots, Louis Vuitton Sunglasses

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February 18, 2015
February 25, 2015