Slit Straight Through You Thigh!

I love a good sweater dress, especially one with a surprise. Now, I will add this disclaimer that a wardrobe malfunction is imminent, so proceed cautiously. However, if you can’t take risks in fashion, where can you take them? Sure, it’s easy to play it safe, to be encumbered by the potential judgement of others, and to bear the insecurities of others. But, fashion, after all, is the ability to express ourselves through aesthetic. Personal style is what defines our individuality. I for one, will not be shamed or live in the confines of other’s opinions. I like a the risk of a slit so high, you can see your thigh. For those of you who don’t – add a pant!

ward_d_20160630_270-V1-min ward_d_20160630_288-V1-min

ward_d_20160630_323-V1-minward_d_20160630_292-V1-min ward_d_20160630_302-V1-min

Photography By: Demi Ward

Disclothed It: Helmut Lang Sweater Dress, Everlane Street Sandal

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August 19, 2016
August 29, 2016