Talking Tee


Sometimes a good ole’ T-shirt and jeans do the trick! If you’re on the rush and need a look that’s trendy and pulled together with little effort, this is the way to go. Keep it simple and let the shirt speak for itself.


One of my favorite T-shirt lines is South Parade. The fit and cut are so flattering and comfortable. Today I rocked my “Beautiful” tee and the simplicity and coolness was all I needed!

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With my go-to jeans of the moment: the “Misfit” by J Brand, I feel put together. The skinny fit doesn’t make me look sloppy, but definitely at ease.

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Pair a basic black flat and ta-da: totally chic.

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Give some glamour with a good tote. I chose my trusty YSL Downtown bag, but any oversized, sleek black bag will do!

Top it off with a fabulous frame, like these from Quay and you’re good to go.

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I added a touch of bling with my diamond hoops and day time Omega.

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And off on your day you go!

Would you wear this?

March 28, 2014
April 2, 2014