The Neon Boneyard!

I am typically not enamored by the bright lights and nonstop activity of Vegas. However, on a recent trip to the second most recognizable strip (the first, of course, being Sunset), I found myself ruminating on the nostalgia of a Las Vegas past. What innocently began as a mundane business trip to “Sin City” culminated in an unexpected history lesson just off the beaten path. My eyes reveled in the beauty of discarded, antiquated neon signs before me. What stories played out under their once bright lights? What secrets did they keep? Clad in post-meeting Manolo pumps and a bold red jumpsuit, the juxtaposition of new vs. old was not lost on me as I filled with an overwhelming warmth beyond that of the desert heat. A newfound appreciation of a favorite Vegas slogan took hold. As it turns out, at the Neon Museum (Neon Boneyard to some), what happens in Vegas does, quite literally, stay in Vegas.

Photography By: Jenna Santilli

Disclothed It: French Connection Jumpsuit, Manolo Bhlanik Pumps

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May 1, 2017
May 5, 2017