Twiggy Meets Today!

What can I say, I am truly obsessed with the 70s. It’s genuinely subconscious, but I see myself gravitating to the looks of retro chic. Modernizing this aesthetic is simple and seamless. I think my innate adoration for a time when fashion and women were having a revolution invoked a sensibility to me that was classic and timeless, but carried such gravitas. It’s an organic homage to a time that was so powerful in our culture. Playing with this boho meets glam style is fun and flirty. Knee high boots, a short skirt and effortless top is a uniform I don’t mind wearing.



IMG_0081-minIMG_0089-min   IMG_0085-minIMG_0092-min   IMG_0095-min

IMG_0098-minPhotography By: Calli Cholodenko/ Something Social

Disclothed It: Capulet Suede Skirt, H&M Mohair Sweater, Intermix Wool Vest, DVF Snakeskin Boots

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January 15, 2016
February 1, 2016