What’s Underlying!

Romantic lace. A peek-a-boo silhouette. The purity of white. There are times when a women wants to play between the boundaries of her delicate femininity and  her sexual prowess. We have duality. No woman absorbs a singular definition. We are bold. We are soft. We are strong, yet we are sensitive. We can have the desire of complete dominance and the need to be submissive. One thing is certain, I have never met a woman who didn’t encompass a multitude of adjectives defining her persona and infusing her nature. We can not be absolved of every innate feeling we have and neither should our clothes. Sometimes, you  have to find what is underlying in us.

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Photography By: Demi Ward

Disclothed It: Top Shop Slip, ASOS Bra, ASOS High Waisted Panty

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August 5, 2016