Wildflowers not Wallflowers!

If Burberry sent out a memo, enthusing that black was back and ready to stay this spring, the server at Erdem definitely had it junked! Of course this is far from surprising from a London based designer that recognized the power of the flower a long time ago. Yet for spring 2016, big names such as Armani and Gucci have also decided that flower prints are a blooming good idea!

Flower prints are a great palette refresher and are a perennial of spring couture. And here lies the key, perennial in the fashion world, does not mean unchanging. Indeed quite the opposite, don’t reserve prissy prints for garden parties or dainty weddings, shake up your style, elevate your status and set yourself a new self imposed standard.

Be bold. Pretty pastels are very sweet but you need to find some edge. The juxtaposition of combining a delicate ensemble with a rugged leather jacket or leather boots ensures your outfit has a lot more clout. Flowers can be a great choice for festivals but they need that ultimate combination of “really sweet with a hint of don’t mess with me”. Feel wild with flower print garments, a suede fringe jacket and a floral hair slide. Buying couture pieces is easy, you just need the financial freedom! However dedicate followers of fashion have mastered the skill of creating the same look, whilst being more budget conscious. Look below.

As fashionistas, we need to shake off the old conception that flowers in fashion represent the meek and the mild, the fairer sex. Flowers are going to a whole other and far sexier level. Fragrance houses have recognised this trend and in wild abandonment are swapping ladylike scents for earthier and more spicy aromas. Perhaps due to a perceived gender revolution, fragrances are becoming more ambiguous. A rose based fragrance, macerated with an earthy green moss could be the preparations for both a man’s or woman’s newest perfume. Everything is becoming more fluid, more foggy and we love it.

Mash it up! Play around! Create your own signature style. Whilst we all find inspiration between glossy magazine pages and the fashion forecasters, the key is to trust your instincts. The bygone days of the wrongs and rights in fashion have been reserved for nostalgia and we are encouraged to be experimental with our wardrobe, so let’s take up that challenge and freshen up floral fashion. And remember, after women, flowers are the most lovely thing God gave the world! ( Christian Dior).

Story By: Elizabeth Stummer

Disclothed It:

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April 8, 2016