Because Life Is Better At The Beach!

Lounge under the pristine billowing cotton of seaside cabanas, come undone with tousled  sun kissed waves, gaze at flamingo sunsets, indulge in a bare foot, bare faced chic!  This is beach therapy, where doing absolutely nothing, is doing something.

Hamptons, New York, USA

Beach style just got upgraded. The Hamptons are a fashionable beachside retreat where city brogues are swapped for bathers and haute couture for hoodies. Yesteryear glamour is still on trend and the old money scent is still in the air, however a new wave of beach boutique hotels is making this a destination for everyone. Insiders tip, people watch at celebrity haunt Nick and Toni’s!

Cabo, Mexico

Do you think you know Cabo? Is your vision of Cabo thronging with bikini topped, denim shorted fun lovers, thriving on a tight schedule of dance, drink, repeat? Time for a rethink. Steal away to San Jose Del Cabo, a more authentic version of what this beach side resort used to offer. Meet the people, eat from the land but most importantly enjoy a  new beach experience. Playa Hotelera, brings nature back to the beach. Don’t expect a celebrity hosted champagne spray party, but marvel at the scenery and the rich birdlife. Insiders tip, swim elsewhere!

Formentera, Balearic Islands, Spain 

Unspoiled and more rugged than it’s siblings of Ibiza and Majorca, but no less sparkly, Formentera was the most original 70’s hippie haunt and nothing much has changed. The beaches are pristine, the nightlife is low key and everyone forgot shoes…Attracting the super famous, who want to hideaway from the relentless energy needed in the party capital of Europe, Formentera is something of a well kept secret. Find a private cove, sip rose and eat paella!

Oahu, Hawaii

If life is better at the beach, how does it feel in the ocean? Waikiki Beach was the birthplace of modern day surfing, so what better place to start. Don’t take it too seriously, try a few different water sports until you find your groove. Whilst Waikiki might have a certain glitz, the overall vibe is relaxed and offbeat!

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August 7, 2016
August 15, 2016