Snap Shot Of South Congress!

Travel is such a part of my life. I love exploration and the investigation of cultures and communities that are foreign to me, whether that’s a different city, state or country. Part of the new redesign of CaraDisclothed is bringing you snippets of my adventures from all of my local and international travels.

This past weekend I traveled to Austin Texas for some fun with friends. As a fellow Texan myself, it was interesting to come back as a tourist and reconnect with a state I was once so familiar with. Somethings I remembered were the same: the hospitality, the food, and the kindness. However, I was surprised by so much that I never associated with Texas. Among the things that really stood out was the vibrancy, color, and indie culture of the South Congress area. From thrift stores and vintage cars, to graffiti walls and bold colors, Texas wasn’t as one note as I remembered.

Waking up on Saturday, I reconnected with local hipster coffee joints, street vendors and hot rods. I have to say maybe more then my exes live in Texas.

Photography By: Jesse Metcalfe

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May 5, 2017
May 11, 2017