Beauty Basics!

If there is one thing I am vigilant about it is my skin. A woman’s best asset is always that. Skincare for me is not something to take lightly. Especially as we age, investing in ourselves and our skin’s health is the best chance we have for looking and feeling our best. Everyone’s skin is so different, so I highly encourage you to test out what works best for you, before you commit to a routine. But for me, this is what works best:

A gentle cleanser in the morning.

A soothing eye cream to de-puff your peepers.

A color correcting serum to give you glow and long term balance.

A hydrating mist for moisture.

Finished with a moisturizer with SPF.

Once a week I’ll add in the following:


Oil serum.

I treat acne when needed with a good spot treatment.

I’ve highlighted my go to products and I am confident there is something for everyone. My biggest tip of all: NEVER GO TO SLEEP WITH YOUR MAKE UP ON.

Photography: The Rosalie Agency

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July 31, 2017