My Everyday Makeup Routine

Believe it or not, as the founder of The Glam App, wearing make up isn’t one of my most sought after experiences. In fact, I really believe in giving your skin the space to breath. However, there are those days when you need to look like the most enhanced version of yourself and that doesn’t require a glam team. Breaking down my summer make up routine for you below, with all my tips and tricks for putting your best face forward.

  1. Foundation. Finding the right color for your skin is of paramount importance. For day to day, I use Koh Gen Doh. It doesn’t cause breakouts and its perfectly blended to accentuate your skin without over powering it.
  2. I prefer a beauty blender for the most even application.
  3. I always add a layer of mascara to make your eye pop. My choice? Givenchy.
  4. Brighten your cheeks with a pop of blush.
  5. Give yourself a slight glow with some bronzer around your hair line and jaw line. Use the 3 shape!
  6. Brush your brows up with a colored brow wand. The bushier the better.
  7. Tap some gloss and you are good to go.

Fresh and natural for my summer style.


Photography By: Rosalie Agency

Disclothed It To Me: Koh Gen Doh Foundation, Bobbi Brown Concelaer, Givenchy Mascara, Dior Lip Gloss, Nars Blush, Laura Mercier Bronzer, Bobbi Brown BrowBeauty Blender

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August 7, 2017
August 11, 2017