Bare and Aware

I know this may seem like a bold move, but the ideology of beauty and what makes us beautiful has been on my mind. Obviously, I own a make up business. I also love beauty, walk red carpets and care about my appearance. That being said, I have always thought make up should accentuate your beauty, not hide it. With the rise of contour and face tune, I feel like as a culture we are losing what is important and that is self love and self acceptance. So, I am stripping off my make up and posting with out any retouching. And ya know what? I don’t look too shabby. Things I use to hate: my freckles, big forehead and olive skin are now the things I embrace. We can wear pounds of make up, but what we can’t do is be afraid to take it off and look in the mirror and see ourselves as beautiful.

Photography By: Rosalie Agency

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January 2, 2018
January 8, 2018