5 Tips for “Success”

Success is unique to each person who strives for it. What is not unique is the feeling each of us have when we get to the point we have been working towards – that feeling is success. However, I like to think that if you are driven enough, you will never get to a peak where you have gained all that you wish to acquire. I’d say my biggest flaw is that I never feel accomplished enough and forget to champion myself in the moments where small milestones are met, instead I keep focusing on what’s ahead.

However, this post is about really appreciating the strides we make and what I believe helps me succeed. My feelings of success have come from my career, my relationships and the amazing, fulfilling times I have been lucky enough to experience. I am sharing some tips of my own as I wish you this same success!

  1. Be Creative. I think creativity and uniqueness are synonymous. No one has become successful by copying the person next to them, and if they have, I can promise you it was short-lived. There are billions of people in this world, yet there is one single you. Think of all the power that puts in your hands! Once you know your genuine self, your confidence and creativity will be unlike any other’s and that is a success on its own.
  1. Find your passion and chase it. To my fashion lovers, we all know that Hermès does not grow on trees. The thing that comes before shiny things and cashmere is happiness (contrary to popular belief, happiness is not included in the price of a Birkin). The happiest and most successful people I know have found their passion and devoted themselves to it. This passion will lead to perseverance, perseverance will lead to success, and success will lead to happiness! Monetary success is merely an accessory. Imagine waking up every day and doing what you love. Do you love be active? Train to be a yoga instructor, build your clientele, open a yoga studio, build a yoga empire! Are you passionate about film? Take a class, write a script, connect with people who have the same passion, sell your script, write more scripts! There is no such thing as work, if you love what you do.
  1. Make mistakes, learn from them, and do not make them again. As the CEO of The Glam App, I have seen many people in the beginning stages of their career struggle to succeed in their job. I think one common denominator is not learning from mistakes. It is okay (and expected) to not be perfect. You will make your share of errors. The important part of this is to reflect on those mistakes, reflect on why you made the mistake, and remember to not make it again. This is what improvement looks like and what is life if you are not constantly improving yourself, which leads to my next tip…
  1. Put in time and have patience. Anything worth having is worth working hard for. Few things in life are handed to you which means that there are no results without equal effort. Work hard today and work harder tomorrow. Make your mistakes but continue to improve yourself, ensuring that each day is better than the last. Find what you can do this exact moment to get to where you want to be and do it.
  1. Do not be afraid of change. Change is a constant throughout all of our lives which makes it even more important to be present and open. If something is not working, be able to shift directions and find what will. Take each day as its own and let the future unfold exactly how it is supposed to but not exactly as you have planned it. It is important to have goals but do not let these goals be so cemented that when a wonderful opportunity comes your way, you do not see it for what it is.


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August 25, 2017
August 30, 2017