Fiercely Floral!

Usually I would start with a quippy statement that laments my feelings on floral patterns, bold prints or loads of color, however, there is a great story behind this dress and it deserves to be told. My hope is that it will inspire you to take a risk and learn to love it.

On a whirlwind trip that included stops in New York City, the Hamptons and Paris, I received a call from a close friend regarding her upcoming wedding. How upcoming you ask? 5 days upcoming! My invitation had been erroneously sent to a nonexistent address and she hadn’t received my RSVP. With a flight boarding in less the 8 hours, no time to shop for a look I ducked into the nearest store to grab a dress that was “summer black tie”. With limited options and my comfort zone reaching it’s breaking point I was relegated to some massively uncharacteristic options. Little time to spare, I grabbed the first dress that caught my eye. It was green, it had parrots on it, as well as every color under the rainbow and I was petrified of it. But, as any good friend would do, I forewent my narcism and ego and ran to the register, rang it up and off I went. Having much more important things to worry about like rerouting flights from Paris to Idaho, I had to get going.

To my surprise the dress was hit. I mean it’s no custom Marchaesa (what the bride wore), but I felt confident, airy and totally in sync with my new purchase. I got so many compliments and I realized, sometimes when you’re in a fashion bind is when you have a fashion find. Stepping out of my style zone opened me up to a new aesthetic and I’ve been embracing it ever sense.

If you have a moment like this, leave a comment – I’d love to hear it.

Photography By: Rosalie Agency

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September 6, 2017