Jesse’s Girl

I once heard a successful relationship defined as “equally dependent, mutually independent with a shared commitment”. I was 14 when I heard that and it has stuck with me ever since. Coupling up was never a goal for me and it isn’t a destination either. For me relationships are work and I don’t want something else to work at unless the pros out weigh the cons. I couldn’t be more fortunate to find one that is less work and more everything else. With 11 years under our belt, Jesse and I have seen each other through the ups and the downs of life. From sobriety, death, divorce, success, pain, loss, and everything in between I have found someone who makes almost every moment better because he is in it.  The best part about my coupling? The fact that above anything else he asks of me, he asks me to pursue my happiness. Yes! That is right. He isn’t trying to change me, he isn’t trying to control me or demand from me other then I am doing everything I can to be happy and fulfill me dreams. My biggest commitment to him? The same. Whether we go a few days without speaking while he is on set, or I work 7 days straight on a project to 1 phone call a day during the week when we are living long distance to 2 week separations, we agree that we each come first for ourselves and then each other. I rely on Jesse yes, but more so I rely on myself and he is the cherry on life’s sundae. That’s why, I proudly proclaim that I am Jesse’s girl.

Photography by: Rosalie Agency

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December 11, 2017