Bake It Or Fake It!

The LWD (Little White Dress, catch up) is fashion’s most alluring new statement, made even more dazzling when powered by a tan. Indeed, this year’s must have accessory is soft golden and touchable skin. But this is not the 80’s! Your disclaimer stating your apparent ignorance to the danger of the sun has long expired. Glam and tan is pretty, but knowing how to do it safely, still seems to be a little hit and miss. Here are a few key “factors” in making sure you get it right this summer.

Tanning is a number crunching game and the bulls-eye is 30. Wearing a SPF 30 could cut your skin cancer risk by up to 80% and offer 95% protection. Wearing factor 50 is only really advantageous if you are going to be bronzing for longer than an unlikely eight hour period!
The amount of sun cream needed for an average adult body is six to eight teaspoons.
Apply stickers or wristband which will inform you when it is time to reapply your suncream.
Eat your SPF! Certain foods have a natural sun protection factor so stock up. Eat tomatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes and watermelon. Always use in conjunction with cream.
After sunbathing take care to apply an antioxidant rich serum which will help repair cell damage.

Faking it is the key to an endless summer and even a bronzed winter.

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August 5, 2016