Help Fund Steps

As many of you well know by now, Jesse and I have decided to produce a movie together. The subject matter of which, is incredibly near and dear to my heart. The film, Steps, is about the struggle of addiction and the redemption of recovery. Based on the stories of our lives and those we met along the way, this film is incredibly personal to us both.

With the growing epidemic of addiction taking hold of our country, we felt it was never more timely then now to make a film that breaks down the stigmas and helps bring empathy and education to those who suffer.

A few days a go, I was able to share our crowd funding campaign with close friends and family at our home to help involve the communities around us to be an active participant in making this movie with this story that needs to be told.

To see what they saw and to help us raise the $75,000 we need please check out our link below.



January 22, 2018