Office Life

So as many of you know, my life is far from one dimensional. From starting a business and running a blog to developing projects and acting in film, there is a lot I love to do. People often ask me, how I am able to balance it all. The answer isn’t simple, but my must have secret is something I am happy to disclose. It is a dedicated office space!  With ambition comes focus. I need a place to go without any distractions that cultivates creativity and allows me to center all of my ideas and thoughts. So, I teamed up with Industrious to create my perfect haven, where the ideas flow and the inspiration is endless. And today, I am taking you on a sneak peek of my home away from home. Take a walk with me into Industrious West Hollywood to see where it all goes down.

Photography By: Rosalie Agency

Disclothed It To Me: Industrious HQ

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June 25, 2018