My Perfect Fit

With our busy schedules, the summer often times is a period of separation for me and Jesse. However, at the end of July when Jesse is back from shooting his television show, we finally get some one on one time for ourselves. And to be honest, with our travel and work, our favorite thing to do is lounge at home in the comfort of the backyard and reconnect. From chatting about the past weeks, catching up on what’s been going on in each other’s lives; it’s quiet time for us to remind ourselves of how we are the perfect fit for one another. In the sanctuary of our home, we lounge by the pool and find ourselves lost together. And when we need to get out, a ride on the Harley will do.

Together in our Express “perfect fit” jeans we are relaxed and comfortable. Always in sync, down to our wardrobe; him in a hyper stretched denim jean and me in an ankle legging we feel at ease, and compliment one another, as we always try to do. Expressing (pun intended) our love for one another is easy, because we have always found a way to spend our lives with a balance of individuality and synergy that give us the freedom to thrive. Just like the clothes we wear, Express, has found away to give you the quality of the perfect fit, with the balance of choices, so that you are never out of style or out of sync with yourself or your partner. He loves a good stretch T and I love satin shimmer with a hint of glamour, and if you shop Express here or instore you can find your aesthetic and perfectly compliment your partners’ too. So to all you lover’s out there – jeans or otherwise- I hope you too find your pair.

Sponsored by Express

Phtotgraphy By: Rosalie Agency

Disclothed It To Me:

Cara: Express Super High Waisted Black Denim Perfect Ankle Jean Leggings, Express Satin Shimmer Chelsea Shirt

Jesse: Express Slim Hyper Stretched Jean, Express Striped Crew Neck T Shirt

July 13, 2018