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When preparing for the holidays I like my gifts to be fun, personalized and most importantly: practical. I’m literally obsessed with this year EOS Holiday Lip Balm set! Its the best gift for the lady in your life. Young or old, girly girl to tomboy, it fits every woman. Complete with a sticker set, the females in your family can customize their balm to fit who they are, while still maintaing a fashionable feel and independent style. The best part of the gift is that during the chilly holiday months, your lips won’t be encumbered by the dreaded cold that can leave us with a chapped pout. I was totally in the holiday spirit as I decorated my 3 balms, that go with every possible outfit. I love making a statement and with my EOS I definitely do!

IMG_0011-min IMG_0012-min IMG_0021-minIMG_0014-min     IMG_0023-min

Photography By: Calli Cholodenko/Something Social

Disclothed It: EOS Lip Balm

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November 13, 2015
November 23, 2015


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    November 18, 2015

    EOS is my favorite! I use it everyday. This is a great gift idea!