The Best Accessory!

Often times, the best accessory we have, is us! That’s right, we make the clothes we wear. Its our body that makes our look, which means, making sure we showcase ourselves in the best possible light. Summer is around the corner and that means we will be bringing out our legs. After all those winter months in hiding; cloaked behind leggings, tights and pants, our stems may be in need of a color boost when you’re out for the day or getting ready for a girls’ night out. If we want to look our best in spring time styles, we need to make sure our features are equally as fashionable. Sally Hansen’s AirBrush Legs will naturally accentuate you gams with flawless perfection. Just an added sheen, with color correcting solution and an easy finish, I complete my look with legs that don’t subtract. I’m ready to rock my Alexander Wang and not give any trace to the winter.

legs-9 legs-12

legs-2 legs-3legs-4 legs-7



Photography By: Samantha Marquart

Disclothed It: Alexander Wang Dress, Helmut Lang Bag, Fedora, Le Specs Eyewear, Sally Hansen AirBrush Legs

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April 28, 2015
May 11, 2015