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  • Express Yourself!

    April 8, 2016

    A mid day date comes with all the excitement of the beginning of Spring. Sneaking out into the sun from work for a little…

  • The One!

    August 31, 2015

    As the romance of fall draws near, we are all looking for the perfect companion to keep us warm. Finding “the one” is not…

  • Tight Knit!

    August 26, 2015

    Its an attitude. A persona. A way of being. Fierce. Rebellious. Unencumbered. Style is a choice. We will tell you who we are by…

  • Berry Hot!

    June 14, 2014

    Bring some heat this Summer with something berry hot! Who says dark colors don’t work during the heat? I put this sexy color to…

  • Crop it!

    June 9, 2014

    It’s Summer which means less is more! I don’t mind showing some skin with one of the year’s biggest trends, as long as you…

  • Urban Spin!

    May 5, 2014

    The craze for the Kanye inspired Hip Hop meets Rock N Roll meets Street Style meets High Fashion is at an all time high….

  • Casually Cool

    April 29, 2014

    One of the hardest looks to nail is laid back elegance. Sometimes you just don’t want to dress up! It’s a fine line between…

  • Modern Military!

    April 27, 2014

    Nothing says masculinity more then paying homage to the Mecca of manliness: the military! However, sometimes giving a nod to a style can look…

  • Spring Studs!

    April 24, 2014

    For all the boys out there looking to up their Spring style game, look no further! Using my best accessory, my handsome beau (Jesse…