Tight Knit!

Its an attitude. A persona. A way of being. Fierce. Rebellious. Unencumbered. Style is a choice. We will tell you who we are by what we wear. Our sensibility is palpable. You can feel it. We are secure. Confident. I can be fearless in my fashion statement. Knit wear catapults fall into a sexy and free season that is full of femininity and strength. Its romantic. Its independent. Together we are one of a kind and apart we are cemented as individuals. We will take on the world and be free to be who we want.

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Photography By: Joshua Shelton

Disclothed It: Alexander Wang Skirt, Alexander Wang Sweater, Chanel Heels*, Proenza Schouler Headphones

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August 24, 2015
August 28, 2015