A Vinatge Collection!

I love the weathered and classical feel of fashion that shaped our culture. Some of the most celebrated artists today were long ago the “hit” makers of cutting age style; their looks standing the test of time. From Celine to Versace; they have outlasted trends and solidified themselves as design legacies. No matter the change in creative directors, decades, and style, their fashion has always been on a phenomena. Combining pieces from the past with modern styles can result in a rich and refined or fashionable and funky feel. The choice is yours, the style, theirs.

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Photography By: Brittany Cappetta

Disclothed It: Vintage Celine Jacket*, J Brand Jeans, H&M Sweater*, Chloe Boots, Vintage Hat*, Mui, Mui Sunglasses, Versace Necklace*

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December 2, 2015
December 7, 2015