Celebrating Valentine’s Day With David Yurman

Making each other smile with surprise, titillating one another with sentimental moments captured with exquisite taste and finding the perfect gift that encapsulates your feelings for the one you love is a task strived for by those in love. Making her feel special with your thoughtful gesture; and him, the token of your admiration and love is the only objective you have. What will make him smile? What will make her blush? With David Yurman the perfect collection of effortlessly elegant jewelry for both men and women just made Valentine’s Day shopping so much easier. With their new Le Petit Coeur Collection and DY Whisper you can’t go wrong. The delicate jewelry will have her knowing how much she means. And for him the masculine and elegant crafted bracelets and pendants will be the perfect addition to his style. The first gift we ever gave each other was David Yurman and after 10 years of romance, we still keep coming back to find the perfect gift to show our love.


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David Yurman is teaming up with The Bouqs Co. to make your Valentine’s Day gift extra sweet with a bouquet of flowers with code: DYFLOWERS. Find out more here.

David Yurman’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Photography By: Joshua Shelton

Disclothed It: David Yurman DY Whisper Bracelet, David Yurman Le Petit Coeur Collection Gold Pendant NecklaceDavid Yurman Le Petit Coeur Collection Heart Chain BraceletDavid Yurman Le Petit Coeur Collection Silver Heart NecklaceDavid Yurman Double X Ring, David Yurman X Station Bracelet, David Yurman Cable Classic Bracelet with Blue Topaz, David Yurman Cable Classic Bracelet with Diamonds,

On Jesse: David Yurman Spiritual Beads, David Yurman Small Fluted Chain Bracelet, David Yurman Cable Classic Leather Bracelet, David Yurman Streamline Band Ring, David Yurman Pave Tag with Black DiamondsDavid Yurman Modern Cable ID Bracelet

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January 27, 2017