Co(tour)ing The Eiffel Tower

Shooting couture in Paris was an absolute dream come true. Walking the cobblestone streets in the fashion mecca of the world was a surreal experience. Dressed in Viktor And Rolf, with the Eiffel Tower as my backdrop I immediately stepped into the editorialized world of romance and luxury. Couture has a connotation of being unwearable, only appropriate for the models on the runway. As a normal girl, I disagree. Sure, couture is slightly more avant garde, but worn properly can easily translate to a contemporary aesthetic. I was enamored with the hand woven design and equally so with the parisian landscape. Unabashedly, I carried on the full day in my one of a kind dress without a care in the world. There is absolutely no alternative to this fairy tale experience, then to embrace it’s opportunity to the fullest. I find, it’s always best to be overdressed, especially when you have a 24 hour date in Paris.

Photography By: Francois Xavier Watine

Disclothed It: Viktor And Rolf Haute Couture*

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July 10, 2017
July 17, 2017