Cut Off!

I’ve been in Los Angeles for almost 15 years, so I think its safe to say I know California cool. The laid back, effortless, easy to wear, boho inspired feel that the angeleno girl knows so well. The trick to mastering this look is so simple. The key factors are balance and basics. The go-to beach bunny piece is a cut off jean short. It doesn’t get more pedestrian then that. The second, is the top. I always say, pick one body part to show. Too much is not good. Less is more. I opted for my tummy, so keep those arms covered. If you go sleeveless, mask the midsection. This is my formula to stay sexy without that other “s” word. And voila: you’re cut off!

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Photography By: Samantha Marquart

Disclothed It; 3X1 Denim, Missguided Top

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March 23, 2015