London Calling!

A woman abroad, is a woman bound to be inspired by all things indigenous to her new surroundings. A culture is defined by the people who inhabit it. The aesthetic of a society starts with the way it looks.  Each sub division of a city innate with its own style. I love places that so uniquely and organically retain a style indicative of the people in it. London for me has always had a since of perfect duality. A juxtaposition between street style and old school sophistication makes way for an individual look that to me is distinctly London. I love mixing fabrics and textures, designers and vintage – to me the more depth to an outfit the better. Here is my best London look.

IMG_4902-min IMG_4912-min

IMG_4915-min-2IMG_4913-min IMG_4914-min


Photography By: Calli Cholodenko/Something Social

Disclothed It: Thakoon Sweater, All Saints Jacket, 3×1 Jeans, Acne Boots

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September 20, 2015
October 5, 2015