Spring Suede!


Step into Spring with some supple suede! Leather took us through the dreary weather of Winter, and now Spring is here. Let’s find an alternative to the lux look of leather and have suede step in! Here’s one way to do it!


You don’t always want to wear denim. Sometimes leather is too hot. Feel like dressing up, but not in a dress? I got you! Try a suede slack!


These, by H&M, are affordable and tres chic. The faux black suede is glam and can totally be dressed up or down!

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I added just a simple and sophisticated nude top, a necklace by Nissa, some Guess sunnies and my classic Louboutin heel. Refined and elegant, with a pop of spunk was my style sentiment!

DISCLOTHED it to me!


For some extra spunk, I opted for this peekaboo tan shirt. Conservative from the front and some fashion flirty flare from the back!


Seeing as the whole outfit is pretty “buttoned up” a hint of skin, is perfectly playful for a lunch date with your dude.


I finished off my suede saunter with a statement bag! This MCM clutch is delicious for Spring! It’s so fun and lightens the mood!

DISCLOTHED it to me!

Feeling complete in my cowhide trousers and sunny clutch, I was off!

Do you like this look?

April 27, 2014
April 29, 2014


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    flavian joseph

    April 28, 2014

    I really love your sight but the links to shop are way to expensive. You need to links for a cheaper version. I think you are very beautiful and stylish. Much love to you.

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