3 Tips to Stay Motivated when Running Your Own Business

I am not going to lie, running your own business is hard. In complete candor, had I known everything it would take to build and then run The Glam App, I might not have done it. Ignorance truly was bliss in this respect. However, it has been a passion project that I am, not only dedicated to, but have learned to embrace. I am always so inspired by all the women out there who are doing the same. Whether they be fashion influencers, designers, entrepreneurs, actresses, singers, entertainers – you name it; building a brand and running business is not for the faint of heart. So, to all you young She.E.O’s out there, here are 3 tips to staying motivated when running your own business!

  1. Create a business that solves a problem you are passionate about! From the right fit of a bikini to on demand beauty – every business I have seen that has been successful comes out of passion and need from the owner who created and runs it. Solve a problem in your life and most likely it is a problem in someone else’s too. By bringing solution to something you care about you will be driven to continue to bring resolution to the conundrum. Being passionate about what you do will propel you to stay committed and hungry to its outcome.
  2. Take your criticism seriously, but not personally. This is one of my favorite quotes. Hillary Clinton said it and I respect her tremendously. Learn from your mistakes and allow them to propel you forward. Your accolades are just as important as the criticism you’ll receive as well. Sometimes you learn more from what you didn’t do well, than what you did. Stay open and innovative.
  3. Be creative. There is a chance that there will be others trying to do a similar thing as you. The one thing you have over them? YOU! Allow your vision to come to the surface and don’t focus too much on what the competition is doing. Stay strong in your beliefs and allow your creativity to come to the forefront. Set your business aside from the others by focusing on what you bring to the table.

There is no easy list to guide you, but these are my 3 tips I live by. I hope this empowers and enables you. Let me know what your tips are by leaving a comment under this post! Let’s all learn from one another.

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September 28, 2017
October 16, 2017