Cosmic Braids!

Music Festival season is upon us! It is time to ditch the daisy, groove in the grass and find a hairstyle in which you can party hard and still emerge unruffled.

Perched atop your new best friends shoulders, a sea of braided hair is likely to stretch out before you. Braids are big and braids come in all shapes and sizes, simple will suffice but why not try a catwalk spinoff with our Manish Arora inspired “do”.

Manish Arora has showcased braids on more than one occasion and he was in good fashion company with Louis Vuitton models sporting tiny doll like braids as well. The key to working a good braid is to ensure that it is not too bookish. Done well, a braid will always look like its time to come undone……

This year, the obligatory flowers that once adorned tousled braids have wilted. The new style is all about the dutch braid (also known as the inside out braid). Those in the know have been rocking their tresses in this style well before festival season began, but this look is perfect for the hot days of summer!

Get the look.

Blow dry the hair and spritz with surf spray to create texture and body.
Comb hair into a center part.
Back comb your front section before you begin braiding.
Start your dutch braid (inside out braid) with 3 sections.
Make sure the braid is tight. (You’ll be pulling it apart later).
To give your braid a messy, lived-in look and a fuller effect, pull apart each loop of the braid (This creates the full, fan effect).
Secure with elastic.
Fix with hair spray.

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