Black And White And Striped All Over With A Kick!

Today’s women is feminine and masculine. She is sweet, but tough. She doesn’t fit into society’s box of what a female should be. She defines herself, without compromise. Her edginess doesn’t lack softness; her girly nature is conjoined with a fearlessness usually delegated to boys. She makes up her own mind of what a women should be. Women are taking control of themselves and how they want to be seen. I love and admire today’s crop of girls who have made being a girl “cool” again. They brought back a tomboy chic that has empowered the younger generation to embrace who they are, without feeling limited by it. Even if it’s just adding shoes to a dress.

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Photography By: Demi Ward

Disclothed It: Forever 21 Dress*, Adidas Sneakers

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May 6, 2016
May 13, 2016