Oh, Oxblood!


It’s the holiday season and I love this color for a new twist on red. Oxblood is sexy and bold and perfect for this cool time of year. Check out my look for the Nylon Magazine Party! I took oxblood out!


This deep plum color has been making quiet a statement. It’s powerful and packs a good punch with a mix between purple and red. The color requires little else to shine on a night out!


With my Keepsake the Label dress, I felt fierce and flirty! I added my BCBG clutch, which also had a flare for plum to compliment the dress. Add a fun stalking and black sky high Guiessepi Zanottis’ and I was ready to go!

DISCLOTHED it to me!


Adding a touch of bling, I threw on this chunky Lia Sophia silver piece to dress up my look and add some extra ump!

DISCLOTHED it to me!


For my make up, I wanted to bring the drama and match the dress with a maroon hue. It’s been trending all over the place and I love this color! It’s dark and fiery! Give red a break and play with plum!


I simplified the hair, keeping it long and down. It’s clean and fresh and doesn’t distract or compete with the fashion!

All in all, it was a perfect evening and oh so fabulous, to bring out my oxblood!

December 6, 2013
December 11, 2013


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    December 20, 2013

    I think you have a great sense of style. I would love to see you on a tv program thats friendly like The Talk but about style, beauty, fashion, travel with women from different culture and sizes. Like Brooke Sheilds or Kathy Ireland Mo’nique Eva Longoria etc. You guys could have guests like Eva Mendes, Jill Scott and Helen Mirren. Anyway good luck with your endeavors.