Closet Cleanout!


Everyone knows you need to keep a clean house! This goes with out saying. However, what’s the rule on your closet? For me, organization and cleanliness is of the upmost importance. However, when it came to my closet, I was more relaxed then I should be. I figured, I was the only one who saw it! If I had to rush off before folding my clothes, oh well, I’ll need something tomorrow anyway! This left me cluttered and completely unaware of what I actually had hiding in the closet of mine. Enter Layne Bernstein! Layne, a professional closet organizer extraordinaire, helped me redesign my closet and organize it, so not only did I know what I had, but getting dressed was like shopping in a high end department store. Take a sneak peek inside my closet and see what I mean!


This was my closet before! Shameful, I admit. No organization. No system. The wrong hangers. Too many clothes in one area. A total mess!


Barely did my clothes even fit into the closet built ins. Clothes would be half on the hanger, half off.


And oh, my folded clothes. Forget it! Id just toss it in and hope it stayed. Rarely would I fold anything. Due to this, I never saw what I had!


Don’t even get me started on my shoes. Zanottis, Loubs, and Choos on ill fitting racks! It honestly embarrassing!

HOWEVER, this is my closest now!


Perfection! With a few easy steps we were able to make over my closet!


All of my clothes are organized by color, type and style. I can see everything I own!


Taking away my plastic hangers and adding small felt ones, gave me so much more room and allowed me to keep an easy system that I can follow.


My shoes have there own place with proper shoe racks!

None of this could have been done without Layne Bernstein and the Tidy Corner! She was able to change the aesthetic of the closet, but also take my daily task is getting dresses and make it fun and easier!


Layne’s company is taking off and I am a proud and happy supporter! If you live in the Los Angeles area- call Layne! You will be amazed what she can do. If not follow her blog or on Facebook for great tips!

DISCLOTHED it to me!

DISCLOTHED it to me!

Thanks, Layne!!!

What do you guys think?

December 11, 2013
December 13, 2013


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    Layne Bernstein

    December 11, 2013

    Thanks, Cara! I had so much fun organizing your closet and I’m so happy to hear that you love it 🙂

    For all of those interested, please e-mail me at and check out my blog here:!