Properly Plaid


You cannot deny that the Tartans have taken over this season with their properly plaid punch! From the runway to street wear, this season the Scottish style has taken over. Not to be left out, I indulged in the trend! Check it out!


Using this plaid print is such a statement that you have to be conscious to flatter it and not unflatter yourself. Keep the tonality of the rest of your outfit minimal and in shades that don’t compete, is this first order of business!


Keeping this in mind, I opted for a plain black blouse that picked up and complimented the black in the red of the plaid pant. It’s of the same color palette and easily blends in and doesn’t distract.


I then took a jean jacket with a white sleeve by BCBG and threw it on top. The punky nature of the jacket keeps the fun feel of the British look and the non competitive color complements the outfit, without making it boring. Instinctually you might think black leather, but that’s too obvious and bland!


Pulling in the white, I used my fun Marc Jacobs clutch. The lines of the bag keep my look a bit funky and the color combo keeps it matching, not clashing.


Tying back into my bold red from the pant, I rocked a blue-red lip! It’s a bold pattern and with my surrounding apparel being so understated, I wanted to keep the standout feel of the pant with a lip to match!


Lightly loose curls in the hair, as opposed to straight, take away a severity that would present this look to harshly! Keep a nice juxtaposition in every outfit! That’s what makes it fun and individual!


Some plain Luobs never steer an outfit wrong! It’s class and sass all the way!


These pants from Forever 21, don’t break the bank and keep you stylish! I like a classic red, but you can find plaid in any color!


It’s definitely a stand out style and I say, rock it with fun!!!

November 19, 2013
November 22, 2013



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    December 18, 2013

    I love your look! You look beautiful with every cloth you wear. You’re so Glam°|

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    myriam (france)

    January 3, 2014

    i love this look, you are so beatiful cara and as selene said with every cloth you wear. (but this one is just gorgeous!