Pastel Perfect!

It is the time of year for rebirth and transformation; both figuratively and literally. As we leave the winter months and transition into spring, we evolve and rediscover ourselves. Our fashion reinvention is also apart of this evolution. The cold, harsh winter has left us bundled up and darker hued, but now as we bloom into the warmer, longer days, color begins to reimplement itself and the visibility of lightness is more present. Still offset by the recognition of winter, we immerse ourselves in collaboration. There is a partnership between the seasons. Picking out a pretty pastel and completing it with a muted knit, is reasonable balance, with equal measure. A fun shoe illustrates the desire for the coming months. Together it is a pastel transition for this transformative time of year.

whitepant-2 whitepant-3 whitepant-7 whitepant-8 whitepant-9 whitepant-10 whitepant

Photgraphy By: Samantha Marquart

Disclothed It: French Connection Pant, French Connection Sweater, Staurt Weitzman Shoe

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April 1, 2015