Geometric prints and patterns have always been a source of fashion fear for me. I like them in theory, but in reality, am I the kind of girl who can pull them off, I wondered. Its so bold, so visible and makes such a statement that I really had concern I wouldn’t be able to do it justice. Well today is a new day, and today, I say yes to shapes, bold colors, patterns and geometric prints? What is my comfort zone – pairing my piece down with a solid shoe to ground it. Well, at least until I work my way up to multiple pattern play?

ward_d_20160421_486-Edit-min ward_d_20160421_519-Edit-min ward_d_20160421_522-Edit-min ward_d_20160421_463-Edit-min ward_d_20160421_465-Edit-min


Photography By: Demi Ward

Disclothed It: Missoni Jumpsuit*, Sandro Sneakers

*Similar Stylist

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May 27, 2016