Sweet Business!

So many women in today’s world struggle to find the right balance between business sense and fashion sense. There is no reason we, as women, should feel encumbered by the way we look in the work place. As a women, who’s mother is a high powered attorney, and who runs their own business as well, I also battle with formidably enduring the work room, while feeling stylish too. Will I be respected? How will I be perceived? Is this appropriate? The truth is, in today’s space, anything goes and we call the shots. I refuse to be a slave to other’s opinions of me. I love the idea of juxtaposing my business savvy with sweetness. I will wear a bold color. I am not afraid of a floral print. Just because, I look soft, doesn’t mean I am, and it only throws quite the curve ball when I take care of business, sweet business. green2 green5 green6 green8  green12green11

Photography By: Samantha Marquart

Disclothed It: Darling Dress, ShoeDazzle Shoes

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March 4, 2015