The Golden Ticket

The distinct allure of satin. A golden hue that compliments the warmth of summer. Sensual in its cut, feminine in its fit. There is no mistaking the power that lays in a woman who embraces her sexuality while embodying her strength. The prowess of a jumpsuit will evoke the envy of the generic wearing dress and undoubtedly ensure that all eyes are on her as she celebrates her shape and form. Inarguably defiant of any predisposed box she is told to belong in, her attitude and aura manifests itself with her presence. Being different, standing out; these were never her concerns. But fitting in, that’s one category she will never check.

Photography By: Tyler Parker

Disclothed It To Me: LPA Jumpsuit, GianVito Rossi Pumps

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June 30, 2017
July 10, 2017